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Track Name: Chain Gang Stomp
Have no love for me?
I don't fucking care
look me in the eye
cold hard stare

fuck your doubt
fuck judgement
try me again
uncontrolled violence

had enough of your shit
bullshit complacence
your safe existence
Track Name: Drown
Line drawn in the sand
dare you to cross it
years of being walked on
hair trigger, don't pull it

Don't tell me to relax
or tell me to calm down
I know that you don't care
in this hatred, I'll drown
Track Name: Steeltoe
Fed up
want you dead
to your head

spit on me
seeing red
told you once
on me, don't tread

around my neck
maybe later
i'll be dead

life i've lead
to my head

spitting in the face of a life made of shit
swinging at the world with chains on my fists
Track Name: You & Me
you fucking laugh
smile so easily
when will you get it?
don't fucking push me

don't care who your friends are
or how many you have
once i explode
will the still have your back?

you're all alone
just you & me
Track Name: Ready
think you're free
from the past?
didn't forgive
didn't forget

dealt your blows
ran away in shame
i'm waiting for you
no more games

i'm ready
make your move
i'm ready
are you?